Kindness in the community
Kindness in the community

About Us

CareNet exists to increase food accessibility and the community’s capacity to overcome food insecurity. Since 2018, CareNet has innovated new ways to make food accessible to those experiencing food insecurity. We have done this by working together with other community groups to provide food relief from multiple locations, using a number of different models. The CareNet team works hard to provide food that is nutritious, culturally appropriate and generous.

Our core values are respect, dignity, generosity and sharing (collaboration). Together we strive to increase community capacity to meet the needs of it’s most vulnerable. Would you like to join us on the journey?

What We Do

Community Food Relief

Increasing food accessibility

CareNet Provides food relief through a number of innovative programs. We believe that nutritious, desirable food should be easily accessible for everyone.

Food Rescue

Feed people, not landfills

Good food should never end up in landfill, especially when so many are struggling with food insecurity. CareNet rescues over 1000kg’s of food a week.

Community Partnerships

Building community capacity

Communities work best when they work together. CareNet is the co-founder of The Food Collective Project across Banyule and Nillumbik. Using a Collective Impact Model and sharing sector experience & resource we are able to utilise each partners strength to overcome many barriers.

Three Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

Join our community of volunteers. We’re recruiting now for a number of positions.

Run a Food Drive

Food drives are an easy way to partner with us to support families in need.

Make a Donation

CareNet is a registered charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and will be used to support families in need.